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Interior design for a 3-bedroom dwelling in Diagonal Poblenou (Barcelona)

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At Inèdit we present you with one of our latest interior design projects, a proposal for a home in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona, in the Torre Diagonal building. 3-bedroom flats in a breathtaking building rising above the heart of the city and with views of both the sea and the mountains.

Luxury homes in a customised design

The homes for which we had to undertake the interior design form part of a development of 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom family flats. Each flat occupies a single storey. This meant that in decorating it we could make the most of the views from the home, on one side towards the city of Barcelona and on the other the natural setting that surrounds it. Sea, mountains and city all in one.

The layout of these homes is dominated by very ample spaces, and from all of them you can enjoy spectacular views. The challenge for our team of interior designers was to make the most of this layout and boost the sensation of amplitude, with decorative elements that would enhance the colours and textures suggested by the views.

The details are in the decorative elements.

Each flat consists of two clearly differentiated zones:

In the day zone is a great living-dining room characterised by the great window next to the fully equipped kitchen, both with direct access to a spectacular balcony with views of the sea and the city.

The night zone is accessed from the distributor area and via a corridor leading to the bedrooms, among them a study, the en-suite master bedroom with a dressing room and the children’s bedroom and the respective bathrooms of considerable dimensions.

The construction of the building has used quality materials in line with the trend of creating functional buildings in sophisticated lines with an air of modernity. For us the challenge was therefore to create a home decoration project that would combine comfortable spaces

Each one of the rooms in this home has been decorated with exclusivity in mind, emphasising each room’s own personality. The result was a luxury home with an elegant atmosphere that is evident in the project’s photos shown here.

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